Design and installation of urban vegetable gardens

Huertocity is decicated to the design and installation of urban vegetable gardens in Barcelona and the surrounding area. In addition we offer a maintenance service, either weekly, monthly or seasonally, according to your needs.

We’ll design a complete plan to help you cultivate your favourtie vegetables in the space you have available whether it’s a:crear-un-huerto_a

– private house or an apartment
– a community garden or  terrace
– an old peoples home or other such residence

If you don’t know how to genin your own vegetable garden, or perhaps lack the time or energy, let us help you on the road to healthier food:

We offer a complete service so that you are ready and  prepared to look after your garden, producing you own healthy and fresh crops on your terrace, patio or in the garden.

We’ll take care of the heavy work, like preparing beds, adding compost and turning the soil, as well as some of the more technical tasks like installing an irrigation system and pest control (well we prefer prevention!)

We offer:mesa_hc_160x75x80
• Our knowledge and experience in urban vegetable gardening.
• Organic crops from your  terrace, patio or garden, with consideration of your families dietary needs
• Tried and tested soil mixes, raised planters, seeds, seedlings, organic fertilizer, disease and pest control and the latest irrigation systems.
• Weekly, monthly or seasonal control visits: weeding, planting, pests and digging.
• The possibility of weekly harvests for you to enjoy with the family.

We need to know:
• How many hours of direct sunlight in the space you intend for the vegetable garden?Huerto en la terraza - mesas y cama levantada
• Is there access to a tap?
• Do you have space for a compost or vermicompost system near to your vegetable garden (optional)?
• How many people do you want the garden to provide for??
• How often to you cook and eat vegetables and salads?
• Are there any vegetarians in the family, if so how many?
• Do you have pets, which ones?


Write to us or call us for more details about how we can help.