Parasite fungi takes its power from plants in which they develop. They are responsible for a lot of problems and benefit from the wet weather, poor drainage or improper air flow. Remember that a good substrate helps keep plants strong and healthy.
The plant diseases are characterized by a variety of symptoms, including mold coatings, wilting, scabs, spots, rust, and rot.
The first step in the battle against disease is to choose plants resistant and strong. Other measures to reduce the problems are: keep the garden clean, proper watering (too much or too little) and fertile soil, crop rotation and use of seeds and disease-free plants.

If fungal problems appear in the garden you can try to control them by reducing high humidity conditions (for improved air circulation), and cutting off the infected parts of the plant. In most cases, however, a natural fungicide spray will be necessary.

The following advice for the diagnosis and treatment of various common diseases: